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Cowgirl Elin’s birthday photobooth! //baileysheaphotography

This western, hot pink & turquoise rodeo was a celebration of a sweet little cowgirl’s 3rd birthday. All installation & design by Bailey Shea. //baileysheaphotography

Beach day. //baileysheaphotography

Make Music Pasadena 2013. //baileysheaphotography

My favorite taco shop, Lucha Libre, is located in Mission Hills, San Diego. The decor is a vibrant display of the Mexican tradition of wrestling and it’s fun to look at while eating their gourmet tacos. The food isn’t too pricey and it’s a good location for either some quick grub or a sit-down meal and if you come in wearing a Lucha mask, you’ll get the Luchador discount!  //baileysheaphotography

Last week I had the opportunity to see Jason Leith’s art show in LA. Sacred Streets is a beautiful mix of art and ministry. Within the artist-designed structure, twelve portraits of individuals from Skid Row are uniquely displayed with a description of their stories, and for a quite a few, how they were impacted by the artist’s love. 
Check it out for yourself.

It’s a stickup! My little guys really got into character with their costumes. //baileysheaphotography

For the kiddies spring break we had a costume day at the orphanage. I was surprised by the number of kids that creatively put together their costumes from the donated items that are sent to the house. //baileysheaphotography

Here is a creative project with inexpensive materials that I did for an installation with Found Vintage Rentals. //baileysheaphotography

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas season! Here is the Winter display I set up with Found Vintage Rentals for Studio EMP in Fullerton, CA. //baileysheaphotography

This February I will be moving to help as a caregiver at an orphanage in Mexico. Listen to my story!

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to shoot with Help-Portrait, a global movement of photographers using their gifts to serve those in need. Alongside many photographers, I photographed residents of the Union Rescue Mission located in the Skid Row area. Many of the people I spoke with were filled with gratitude, and for several people this was their first time having their photo taken. I was deeply touched by the testimonies of drug addicts, prostitutes, and homeless coming to know the grace and love of Jesus Christ through seeing their worth in a photograph. I hope I can continue serving others with my photography in this way for the rest of my life. 
Check out this ministry that is truly impacting the world . //baileysheaphotography

Here’s a throw back photo I took of HOTT MT this summer at Make Music Pasadena. Check out their song “Never Hate Again,” it’s super catchy. //baileysheaphotography

Here’s a throw back photo I took of HOTT MT this summer at Make Music Pasadena. Check out their song “Never Hate Again,” it’s super catchy. //baileysheaphotography

Here are a few photos I shot of my roommate Marin and her boyfriend Austin. They are one of the most lively couples to hangout with, and I love them both! //baileysheaphotography

Lovely furniture at Found Vintage Rentals. I could not ask for a better place to Intern. //baileysheaphotography